Port Harbor Academy


The Port Harbor Academy is a large and venerable school that has trained some of the most influential nobility of Varisia for the past seven generations. The school itself takes up the majority of the landmass carved out for Port Harbor, and is the center of Harborian culture.


Publicly, applicants are sent through an arduous process of aptitude testing in order to determine admittance. However, it is an open secret that more often than not, admission to the prestigious Academy is traded for wealth or political favors.

From their very first day at the Academy, students are encouraged to excellence by competition in a system of rankings. Each student’s name and sigil is placed in order of excellence across a variety of subjects ranging from military leadership and oration to refinement (the last effectively being a euphemism for popularity).

Important figures

  • Master Hollens – The head of the Academy, who oversees the direction of the academic program and upholds the standards of education.
  • Head Logician Stirling – A younger professor, Stirling is next in line to succeed as the Master of the Academy. The Head Logician directs research and is responsible for guiding instructors.

People of interest

  • Garrus Lightbringer – A student at the Academy who has recently withdrawn due to intense bullying.
  • Clementine – A student at the Academy, who seems to have withdrawn for reasons unknown.
  • Annalee Tinkerlax – A new student to the Academy, still unaccustomed to its culture.
  • Graskellion Vonderkant – A half-orc son of a local noble, he is a social pariah of Port Harbor, and one of its worst performing students.
  • Stanton Ringley – The affluent son of Port Harbor’s mayor, he is also a student at the Academy.

Port Harbor Academy

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